About Locosonic
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It is our mission to extend the perception of our surroundings through Soundscapes and create a touching and inspiring new way of experiencing our environment.
It is our vision to become the leading platform for geo-located Soundscapes for mobile devices and a trendsetter in “Acoustic Augmented Reality”.
The technology company Locosonic GmbH was founded in early 2015. Our head office is located in the heart of Vienna, our development office in Barcelona.


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Manfred Hackl


Fred’s passion is to develop innovative projects and products. he is himself founder of two software companies and was coordinator of large international software projects, has worked as consultant for project and portfolio management, as lector at the university and was invited speaker to international conferences. he is responsible for matching funding possibilities with the innovation work loconsonic is performing.

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Peter Stock


With a passion for law, Peter finds solutions for the seemingly unresolvable. He has been supporting IT companies for more than 15 years.

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Herbert Lackner

His mission? Travelling and working. His goal? Finding innovative and creative solutions.
Locosonic allows him to use all his experience to bring augmented reality to the masses.
He yearns for the sea and the feeling of freedom associated with it. Soon everyone can experience a piece of this freedom in each and every city.

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Harald Schnetzer


Harry brings his financial background and experience to Locosonic, managing the finances of start-ups especially appeals to him. Throughout the years he has supported many companies with his expertise, creating structure and transparency.
His precision forms the counterpoint to the creative potential at Locosonic and keeps the company on track.

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Wolfgang Rafaseder


Lawyer by profession, entrepreneur at heart. Intellectual property and commercial law are his key areas of expertise.

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Stefan Kersten

Stefan holds a PhD in synthetic sound modeling and has extensive experience working for renowned audio and music technology companies. As one of the driving forces behind Locosonic, his responsibilities include developing innovative solutions for our soundscape rendering engine and our mobile apps. His motto: Soundscapes for everyone!

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Daniel Knuchel

Economist, finance planning and fi-nancing

Daniel is our strategist. He pushes the development of the company through strategic partnerships and develops the cooperation plans with our partners. He can rely on many years of experience as strategy consultant, backed by numerous international projects.

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Wernfried Lackner

Before founding Samplecount with Stefan in Barcelona, and developing Locosonic, Wernfried was CEO and Developer with Null2GmbH in Berlin.
His goal: the sonification of the entire world.
At Locosonic he is in charge of product management, development and coffee.

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Chris Tipotsch

Chris is an industrial engineer by passion. He has formed and supported companies from the very beginning, advancing Engineering & Development departments.
He combines consistency, structure and a good intuitive feeling for the right things. He puts products on the right track and finds the right communities to market to.

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