• Donauinsel - Nord

42 kilometers of beach, nightlife, nature and leisure: that's the Viennese Danube Island.
 Unspoiled by tourists, it offers the Viennese relaxation from the daily stress, culinary delights and plenty of nature, breathtaking views of the Danube city, cool speedboats, powerful bridges and beautiful floodplain landscapes.
 Leave the tourists' trodden paths and look at where the Viennese goes, when he has the time.
Camilla Unfried, Florian Pichler and Stefano D'Alessio are your tour guides and let you get to know the Donauinsel in a slightly different way. The specially composed music gives your walk a very unique touch.

Start your sound experience at the U1 metro station "Donauinsel" and walk north along the Danube to the Nordbahnbrücke bridge.
 This is the second of two tours through this Viennese jewel.

Starting point: U1 metro station "Donauinsel"
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Endpoint: U6 metro station "Nordbahnbrücke"

Duration of the tour: Approx. 1 1/2 hours
The following sounds were used under a Creative Commons license:

city-park ambience spring summer zuiderpark
Skate on road 1
Walking Through Crowd - Heaton Park
all 3 
Splash, Jumping, D
Abience, Night Wildlife

Created: 01 Aug. 2016
Last update: 02 Apr. 2024